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I have been using Octopus Grip for years in both Motorkhana and Hillclimb
competition, the use of Octopus Grip allows me to get full use out of the tyres.
For example: I was the first person ever to get under the magic 38 second mark
at the demanding MtCotton Hillclimb track. The time was a 37.56 with 2 year old
race tyres treated with the tyre softener, normally you would have to purchase
new tyres for every championship event to be competitive.

Due to several reasons I have not driven the car for a year, so recently I dusted
it off, changed the oil and filters, fired it up (yep, it still runs), treated the now
two year old tyres with Octopus Grip, loaded it into the trailer and off to
MtCotton Hillclimb for a practice day. My first run was a test to make sure the
car was ok, my next run was a 39.1 on a cold track …. I was very impressed
with the grip I had.

The Motorkhana Special uses up a lot of tyres, so I buy used hillclimb slicks
and treat them with Octopus Grip, with new tyres costing $440 each … buying
used tyres at $50 each and a tin of Octopus Grip at $39 (will do about 8 to 10
applications or tyres) make a lot of sense.

Here is a video of the Noosa Hillclimb … and one of the Motorkhana Special …
(watch to the end)

Alan McConnell
4x Queensland Hillclimb Champion
6x Australian Motorkhana Champion
10x Queensland Motorkhana Champion

Showcase and Testimonials

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Dude massive thumbs up for your product, I purchased some Octopus Grip from your web site for a Test and Tune at Willowbank.  My car is  a Nissan 180SX with about 200hp, I let the tyres down to 22 psi and could launch at 5000rpm with only the minutest bit of spin off the line. Best time I got was 14.1 

I was concerned by the age of my tyres but Octopus Grip definitely made a difference. I could imagine it would be even better on semi's or slicks which is what you primarily made it for, and not just road tyres like I was using.

Awesome product!